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Sitting down with Aaron Tippin (as I did recently for our Vodcast) is a chance to get to know something about a person who takes the time to communicate a reasonably clear vision of what he sees in the world around him. From early in his career to now Aaron sings songs that speak to the common man and woman. Aaron's latest, "He Believed", is a tribute to the man who helped lay the foundation for the character Aaron lives out daily.

Aaron Tippin isn't the kind of country artist that ignores the concerns of the typical working man or woman. With hits like 'You've Got To Stand For Something' in his repertoire, you know right up front this is an artist cutting to the core of issues relevant to today's country listener. Aaron has taken the long way around to get to Music City, though. In fact, you could say he's flown a pretty circuitous route, in more ways than one. After graduating high school in Greer, South Carolina, this football and track veteran decided he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. That path led to the local airport where Aaron learned more about airplanes and being a commercial pilot, just like his dad. After qualifying as a multi-engine commercial pilot working for various airlines and companies, the gas shortage hit the American economy. As a result, airlines began to layoff pilots. With the time off from flying, Aaron took that opportunity to do something he had been dreaming about: a career in country. Not an easy dream to pursue by any means. However, if you make a mistake in country nothing explodes (for the most part). In 1986, Aaron moved to Nashville. He began songwriting heavily, pushing toward the goal of winning a record contract. That goal was met in 1990 when Aaron signed with RCA. One platinum and four gold records later, Aaron brought his talent to Disney's Lyric Street Records. While his experience there was great, Aaron took the opportunity when it presented itself to start his own label, Nip It Records. He says he loves the ability to be the decision maker for what comes from his label.

"He Believed" is a good remastered collection of some of Aaron's best hits. The new songs on this latest group of tunes still hold to the honest, hard working storyline you instantly identify as Aaron Tippin. Definitely worth the download if you're a fan of honest country.

Watch for Aaron on the road as he promotes "He Believed". He will also be stopping in to a few Cracker Barrel Country Stores along the way for impromptu concerts. Just remember to make way for the band as they head for the table after coming in from the road!