The AMAZING Sheltie!

Beauregard had the amazing quality of making almost anyone who saw him smile. A fun, barking little bundle of fur that managed to put fear into the hearts of chipmunks, squirrels and several neighborhood cats. He took our hearts when he crossed over on the morning of 10/30/2000. We'll miss you, Beau. But we're sure we'll see you again!

Howdy! My name's Beauregard, and I'm a Shetland Sheepdog that supervises the life of a guy that runs an internet promotion & news service. But you can call me Beau. Heck, I think I'd go goofy if you took the time to call me Beauregard all the time! This is my chance to take you to a few more interesting places I've found in my life. I live in the wonderful world of Franklin, Tennessee, just outside of Music City, U.S.A., NASHVILLE! There are a lot of folks in country music that think Shelties (as most of us prefer to be called) are where it's at in terms of canine companionship. I agree! There are a lot of things I like to do for fun. But my primary purpose in life is to chase these things.

It makes my Scottish blood boil with rage when I think of what happened to my new roomate, Little John. But since I can only bite so many people in the butt on a daily basis, I'm still plotting in my mind what sort of deviltry I'll loose on the jerkweeds that dumped Little John. You can go to his homepage here.

I love to hike! Two of my favorite places are:

The Natchez Trace

This was my compadre on the trail, Lucky. He crossed the bridge into heaven a long time ago, and I still miss the guy. But I'm pretty sure we'll meet again on the other side. Heck, with that bandana on, who could miss him over there? If you've ever thought of getting a Labrador Retriever, take a look at this link.

A few of my favorite links are here:

We met by email and have been cybernetic best buds ever since!

Last, but certainly not least, any Sheltie with any kind of heart will tell you this is his/her favorite movie.

Want to find out about the real inspiration for the movie? Click here to read about the real William Wallace.

Come back soon. When I can get my human out from behind his computer or out of the studio, I'll bring back some more photos. Take care!