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When you hear about the talent coming out of Appalachia these days, you can't help but think of the heartfelt songs and hard luck stories upon which most of those songs are based. Brad Paisley, however, may be a little out of the ordinary once you find out he has always had luck on his side. But once you start digging into this musical dynamo's past, you find out his luck is accountable to a great degree to what he does toward acheiving his goals.
Glen Dale, West Virginia is where Brad calls home. This tiny town nestled on the Ohio River has helped give Brad his musical roots since his birth on October 28, 1972. Part of those deep roots is his connection to his family. He still remembers running down the road to his grandfather's house to listen to his grandfather play Les Paul, Chet Atkins and Merle Travis on the guitar. Brad's gradfather was encouraged by Brad's fascination with the guitar, and at the age of 8, he gave Brad his first guitar : a Sears Danelectro Sliverstone with an amp in the case. Though he admits it took him a while to get a true love of playing the instrument, once he started he found it was a true passion.
This passion developed into forming a band with the help of his guitar teacher, Hank Goddard. Playing as 'Brad Paisley and the C-Notes', he started learning how to handle the audiences and the stuff expected of performers. At age 12, Brad sung 'Born On Christmas Day' for the local Rotary Club. It was here the Program Director of WWVA, Tom Miller, heard Brad sing. Next stop for Brad was 'Jamboree USA', the syndicated radio show WWVA produces. Brad's performance led to his becoming a regular on 'Jamboree USA'. This, in turn, led to opening for several country luminaries like Little Jimmy Dickens, Roy Clark and Jack Greene. Right after Brad got this great start, his grandfather developed cancer. Though his grandfather had limited mobility, he did manage to get out and see Brad as he did his first headlining gig opening for the Judds. Brad believes his grandfather went to a better place knowing he gave him a truly wonderful way to use his talent in music.
Brad's musical career and high school career were coexisting nicely for years. However, once high school came to an end, where would be a logical choice to head to develop both his talent and his mind? Welll, as many people with that same question have answered, Nashville and Belmont University. Brad enrolled as a music business major at Belmont while he pursued his love of music. As luck would have it, Brad's first day to Nashville had him meeting with renowed guitar picker Harold Bradley and Porter Waggoner. Cool way to start a career, huh?
Belmont also gave Brad the chance to meet several students on the same career and creative path upon which he was traveling. One being Frank Rogers (now a producer) and another being Kelley Lovelace, who he currently writes with from time to time. Brad did an internship at ASCAP and met Chris BuBois, who he also writes with now. Contacts made at ASCAP gave Brad a leg up in the industry. A week after walking across the stage to get his diploma, he walked into a contract with EMI Music Publishing.
Brad's career up to now has been nothing short of amazing. It's pretty obvious, though, the energy Brad's been expending on his musical projects has been worth it to the rest of us. It would seem the Brad supports this conviction with his latest CD entitled 'Time Well Wasted'. The cool thing about the tunes on this CD is they all seem to be rooted in ideas passed on through a conversations you'd have with your friends. Songs like 'I'll Take You Back', 'Out In the Parking Lot' and 'You Need A Man Around Here' give you clear images of people you know. While Brad's picking is second to none as is shown throughout this CD he really shows his fantastic range on the slower songs like 'Rainin' You'. There's even a hint of oldtime radio (circa 1925 WSM Radio Grand Ole Opry) on the short tune 'The Uncloudy Day'. This ties in really well with the next song, a great gospel rooted tune 'When I Get Where I'm Going'. Dolly Parton adds her distinctively beautiful voice to this song in a magnificent blend of musical talent. There's not a bad tune on this CD and any time spent listening will be anything but wasted time.

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