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The Bluegrass State has always been a breeding ground to some of today's finest, most expressive sounds. Some attribute this trend toward frank and honest communication to the respect many of the folks in Kentucky have not only for the land, but for the people and the world around them. Chris Knight has been surrounded by this honesty from the first time he picked up a plastic guitar as a three year old. Later, after being exposed to such strong influences as the old Johnny Cash television show, he started practicing on the real guitar belonging to his brother who worked nights. Before he knew it, he was able to play John Prine's 'Muhlenberg County' with the best of them. The hard mining lifestyle led by Chris and his family gave him a sturdy foundation to build his musical structure.

Chris's desire to pursue his musical dreams did not, however, deter him from getting an education at one of the finest universities in the Commonwealth of Kentucky at Western Kentucky University. Chris walked away from the Hill with a degree in agriculture. Upon graduation, Chris worked with a company that helps reclaim land that has been mined by companies looking for the precious material under the Bluegrass. Concerns for the land and opportunity led Chris to work with the Kentucky Department of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement. For five years, Chris worked to make the Commonwealth a better place through enforcement of the law. A steady job, though, did not keep Chris from writing songs and telling stories that HAD to be told.

It was February of 1992, and Chris did what many wannabe artists do before they hit the big time. He auditioned for open mic night at the Bluebird Cafe'. Here he met Bluewater Music's Frank Liddell who saw Chris's talent as valuable and important. When Decca acquired Liddell to their A&R Department, it was no time at all when they would be hearing Chris belt out some of the most pointed and insightful verses they'd ever heard. Frank saw Chris's ability to see the story inside of each one of us, and the ability Chris had to go beneath the surface of what most of us show the rest of the world.

Chris's self-titled debut CD is full of the straight ahead sights and sound for which he'll soon become known very well. Each and every song on this CD tell a unique story about the subject of the song. Chris is definitely a talent to watch, so keep an eye out for him. You might be the subject of his next song!