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Clint Black; killing time has never been a problem fact, Clint Black hasn't had time to kill since he began to hit the charts in 1989 with his hit CD, 'Killin' Time'. Even though Clint sounds like he was born to be behind the microphone singing the country standards fans have come to love him for, his trip to country stardom has been one long, tough, yet steady climb. Born in Long Branch, New Jersey, this country star to be found his way to Houston, Texas. It was from there he developed his signature country voice listening to the George Jones & Lefty Frizell records belonging to his father. This wasn't the only musical influence to help Clint develop his craft, however. Clint also gives credit to mainstream groups like Dire Straits. After Clint dropped out of school, he worked as an iron worker and fishing guide during the day. Nights found him, though, playing the guitar and giving fantastic shows to a growing fan base. B

y 1986, Clint met his writing partner Hayden Nicholas who was also a struggling act on the way to making it big. In 1987, Clint was offered $250.00 for one of his songs. But rather than sell his tune, he decided he needed a manager to help his career more. Two weeks later after this offer, ZZ Top manager Bill Ham came into Clint's business life. Six months later, RCA signed him into their talent pool. Clint's first release 'Killin' Time' was certified Triple Platinum later. For this incredible showing, Clint won the 1989 CMA Horizon Award and the 1990 CMA Best Male Vocalist Award. Due to the strength of his early career, many believe Clint to be one of the major driving forces in the wave of the contemporary country entertainment evolution.
Clint is also known for a few notable appearances in motion pictures. With support and encouragement from his wife, Lisa Hartman-Black, he's been in movies like 'Maverick', starring Mel Gibson, and television shows like 'Wings'. Clint also took his concern for doing the right thing to the small screen when he did 'Holdin' On'- The Cadillac Jack Favor Story'. Clint helped play a part in the righting of the wrong done when Jack Favor was wrongly imprisoned in Louisiana for a murder he didn't commit.
The latest offering from Clint, 'Nothin' But The Taillights', gives listeners a fantastic representation of what this man can do with his voice and a guitar. The title track, co-written with friend Steve Wariner, is a country bop tune that hits the mark just like the stuff he did back when he first came out with 'Killin' Time'. His vocal range can be shown even more, though, through songs like his tribute to country music legend Chet Atkins 'Ode To Chet'. This CD is definitely worth picking up the next time you're in the record store!
Killing time probably never will be a problem for Clint, EVER!