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Dakota Myles-

Country sound straight from the city!


When most of us think of New York City, we don't think of it as being a typical breeding ground for country music hopefuls. The country greats, like Hank Williams and Patsy Cline, taught the rest of the world all you really need to sing country is the country heart to go along with the country lyrics. Dakota Myles is a country artist that comes from deep in the heart of the city, that city being Queens, New York.

Naturally, the learning process and love of country came along gradually in his career. He began his musical evolution by singing to his grandmother hits like 'Tie A Yellow Ribbon' by Tony Orlando. Though this sounds like a modest beginning to a career in country, the kind of encouragement he received from those around him in these early days propelled him to try his hand a bigger musical challenges. At the tender age of eight, Dakota's grandfather bought him a baby grand piano. After years of dedicated practice and sacrifice, Dakota was awarded the NYSAMA Music Award for his piano skills. He also sang at with the choir in school and whenever he had the chance. Later in the '80s, Dakota added percussionist to his set of skills as he took drum lessons and began a rock band. With this kind of background, what pushed Dakota toward the country end of the musical spectrum? He says he believes in the easier existence and and simple dedication of those living the country lifestyle. One of the songs from Dakota's CD 'A Simpler Life' is 'Where Eagles Dare to Fly'. Through his voice and lyrics, you get a clear picture of the modern day farmer being forced into the urban environment as urban encroachment continues around him unabated. Another song which hits very close to home (especially with the editorial staff here in CyberCountry) is the song 'Of All the Things I've Ever Lost' (I Miss My Mind The Most). :-) With talent like this, Dakota will be making a lot of us think twice about what makes a good foundation for country music!