Like every country music hopeful, Danni Leigh came from an area where certain country music legends still hold great respect. Strasburg, Virginia, Danni's hometown, is right down the road from Winchester, Virginia, which gained notoriety being the home of country cornerstone Patsy Cline. Naturally, Danni was exposed to proper country music education all her life with Patsy's character leading her to an extent. "I sang at a Patsy Cline celebration", she admits with pride. Danni adds, "It was like a national holiday up there." With that kind of influence and starting out singing in the preschool church choir, the passion and the talent built with every step she took toward a performing career. At the tender age of 19, Danni moved to Orlando intending to audition as a singer at Walt Disney World. She soon determined Orlando wasn't the place for a country music star of the future. After she made this determination, to pay the bills she took a variety of jobs which included a stint with Federal Express, as well as a bungee jump instructor. The side jobs evidently gave Danni even more determination to vault her to country music stardom. She still sang in bars and other gigs as she worked elsewhere. This truly gave her a uniquely experienced sound you hear in her voice in every song she delivers to this day! Danni made the move to Music City in 1994, where one of her first jobs was working as an animal caretaker for Tom T. Hall. But as with many other country artists that are lighting up the world with their music today, her lucky break came from the renowned Bluebird Cafe'. After meeting Warner Chappell Publishing's Michael Knox through her work at the Bluebird, they developed a friendship that led to Michael producing demos of her songs. Danni came to Decca when Mark Wright heard the seasoned quality in her vocal delivery. The team of Wright and Knox united to give the country community Danni's first Decca CD, '29 Nights'. The CD '29 Nights' would be a good CD for any seasoned artist to put on their performance resume'. But the fact this is an early example of what Danni will be giving the country music community for the rest of her career is a pretty good sign we'll be hearing a lot of high quality stuff from her for years to come. From the first cut on Danni's CD, 'If The Jukebox Took Teardrops', you think of Patsy Cline, sure. But you also hear the influences of artists such as Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson in her completely honest country delivery. Her singing goes from the slow stuff (Touch Me) to the fast, countrified beat of 'Mixed Up Mess Of A Heart' on this CD seamlessly. The CD '29 Nights' will lay a strong foundation for a career that promises a great deal of great country music for years to come. This CD is definitely one of the ones you put into the CD player and listen to intently as you cruise the back roads!
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