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The page you're reading right now is the result of a year of drive and determination. It was also a year of frustration, but any worthwhile project will always come through in the end. The basic premise of our service is to help promote country, folk and Americana music and the country lifestyle. Not just here in the U.S., but in Canada and Mexico as well. Country music finds its roots around the world and in many cultures (we get a lot of e-mail from Australia, England, Germany and Russia-even). You can find country music hopefuls in Nashville from as close as Beaver Dam, Kentucky, to from as far away as Auckland, New Zealand. Our staff of communication and promotion professionals have worked with big media giants, and small to medium newspapers like Nashville's own Banner and Tennessean. This service and our magazine will continually be under construction, so if you've got a comment, suggestion or just want to 'chase that neon rainbow' (apologies to Alan Jackson), e-mail the editor