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Gary Allan gives country a reality check with every performance. His philosophy is that "country music is about what happens during the week", meaning that country is about true emotions felt by the country listener. Gary thinks most country music listeners don't want to be given a false feeling with his music. Pop music and its offshoots pervade the media with enough of that stuff anyway. He thinks, "Just as long as the songs make 'em feel something, you now you've connected. And since I've come to Nashville, that's been the bottomline when it comes to making records."

A native of Long Beach, California, Gary gives fans the best combination of traditional country and progressive modern country. Gary draws inspiration for his hits from the life he's lived. It's his sincere belief that real life experiences give the artist that's true to himself/herself a wealth of meaningful emotions to communicate with the audience. Though Gary's been in the industry for years (offered a record deal at 15), he's always waited for the right thing to come along. He's never been in a hurry to rush what he knew would come in good time with regard to his musical career. His CD, "It Would Be You" is filled with the true emotions of an artist that has found the way to make anyone who hears his music think of similar experiences in his/her own life. Gary also has a track featured in the latest Patrick Swayze film, 'Black Dog' called 'Highway Junkie'. Even though his latest material isn't what you might think of right off the bat when you think of country, every element of every song he sings on his latest CD finds its way back to the country tradition Gary holds sacred. 'It Would Be You' is certainly worth a listen!