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How we face the challenges of daily life is the basis of many of country's greatest tunes. If you look at the classics of Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline or Merle Haggard, you see how the human spirit deals with the continuous struggle. That might sound fairly analytical as a way to describe what goes into producing a really good country performer. But that kind of struggle is exactly what has made country music newcomer Jessica Andrews such an experienced soul by country standards. Fifteen years old isn't a lot of time to get the kind of personal experience needed to put the required heart and emotion into a really good country song. Jessica, however, was met with more than a few challenges early on in her life. Diagnosed with a spinal abnormality as a young girl, Jessica wasn't certain she would be living as long as she had, much less performing. However, with the much needed help and support of her friends and family, Jessica recovered. She also found great strength in her music. It was in the fourth grade Jessica was encouraged to put her wide and varied musical interests to good use in a talent show. Even though Jessica wanted to dance in the talent show, her sister urged her to sing Dolly Parton's 'I Will Always Love You'. Her sister's diverting Jessica from dancing that day not only allowed Jessica to win the talent show, it also pointed her toward what promises to be a great musical career. In the short period of time its taken to get from here to there, Jessica has contributed her talent to many important projects. One of the finest performances she's made to date is the song 'I Will Be There For You', which is the first single from 'Heart Shaped World'. This tune also found its way onto the soundtrack 'The Prince of Egypt-Nashville' where relative musical newbie Jessica took her place alongside country greats like Reba McEntire, Vince Gill, Randy Travis and Wynonna.It will be a fantastic one if the rest of her musical products are as good as the first.

Jessica's first CD 'Heart Shaped World' has a lot of what is making the rest of the Nashville music scene take notice of this budding songstress. Performances like the ones she offers in the songs 'Whatever', 'You Go First' and 'Unbreakable Heart' on this CD show the faith Dreamworks Records Chief James Stroud put in her is well founded. Though these aren't the only great songs on this first musical offering by Jessica, there's only so much web space out there to write about the great music on this CD. Jessica has many of country's best writers, like Billy Mann, Shaye Smith, Billy Burnette, Kris Tyler and Tom Shapiro, supporting her with some of their best.

Jessica's own website is here:

CD photo courtesy Dreamworks Records