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There aren't many country stars that can count national leaders as fans of their music. John Berry can, though, as he found out at the birthday bash of former President Bush in Houston, Texas this past year. To John's surprise, he got a handwritten note from George Bush telling John about how glad he was for John's participation in the event. The former President also told John about Former First Lady Barbara Bush's complete fascination with John's vocal talent. But John's talent has been generating that kind of loyalty for a long time.

At the onset of John's career playing the clubs in and around Athens, Georgia, he's had a lot of time to find out what works when he's in front of an audience. The years it took him to hone his musical skills have been years of learning the right way to do things. At the tender age of 13, John began performing. Later, he started playing college towns and selling his own recordings from the stage. John made a home in Athens, Georgia in 1985 and started doing the serious work of developing a band to start playing some heavy duty music. At this point, John sang the current pop tunes mixed with some original tunes, giving him a chance to strengthen his voice and playing style. Nineteen eighty five brought his wife of 15 years Robin into his life. With that kind of luck on his side, could anything stand in his way?

Probably not, for in 1990 John released his sixth independent recording with Nashville producer and writer Jon Vezner. Two years after that, John started making regular trips to Nashville with a record contract in mind. On one of these trips, John impressed a record executive so much with his musical talent the executive signed him almost immediately afterward. John's big national debut came with the release of "She's Got A Mind Of Her Own". The follow up to that tune was the now country standard, "Your Love Amazes Me". John knows he has a lot to give country entertainment, and from his past record country fans wait with grateful anticipation. John's latest CD 'Wildest Dreams' is a great example of the range of John's vocal talent. From songs like "Love Is For Giving" to the cover of the Phil Collins tune "You'll Be in My Heart", John gives a great display of just what current country music is all about.