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Kris Tyler has the background you might expect from many of today's up and coming successful country artists. Her influences include the sounds of country traditionalists like Merle Haggard and Emmylou Harris. But she did something that might cause many of us in the media community might scratch our heads in wonder. Kris, even though she grew up playing and listening to country music in the country surroundings of Omaha, Nebraska, started out her professional career as a producer for KNXV-TV in Phoenix, Arizona. As some of us at CyberCountry can admit quite honestly, investigating, producing, writing and reporting the news on a daily basis for a network affiliate can be hectic, to say the very least. Obviously however, it can be a breeding ground for great life experiences that can give rise to fantastic country sounds. In 1988, Kris sent a letter to Mary Chapin Carpenter after listening to her CD Hometown Girl, wondering if she, like Carpenter and the rest of country's evolving talent, should make the big move to Music City. Kris got an answer from Carpenter 3 months later, telling her to live where she feels comfortable since this would help her to write better music. Time went by, and one of her friends managed to give a tape of her vocal talent to Robert Reynolds of the Mavericks. It wasn't long after that Kris received a phone call from Robert's wife, Trisha Yearwood, telling Kris she should seriously consider making the move to Music City. Another tape of Kris's found its way to Bo Goldsen of Criterion Records in Los Angeles. This seemingly random chain of career events led to a very good ending for her and country music, when she signed a recording contract with Rising Tide Records. Her first CD, 'What A Woman Knows' had the production talent and guiding force of Emory Gordy, Jr. and Tony Brown behind it. Kris also wrote or co-wrote all but one of the songs on this first effort. From the sound of her background and what's on the CD itself, this will be one fantastically memorable starting point for her.

Kris Tyler's CD, 'What A Woman Knows' is a great sounding collection of tracks that show just how much vocal variety there is in this country performer's talent. The sultry sound of her voice on such pieces as the title track, show the influence of such artists as Emmylou and Mary Chapin Carpenter. More uptempo tunes like 'Rocking Horse' and 'Texas Hotel' remind listeners of artists like George Jones and The Eagles. Surprising differences, as shown by that odd combination of influences, sound great through the interpretive power of Kris's voice. On a personal note, this CD is very easy to listen to as you're driving between Nashville and the Bluegrass Heartland of Kentucky. Her first CD hits the record racks January 20, 1998. Keep an eye on this rising star!