Performers have different ways to develop ideas for songs. Lee Ann Womack uses the world around her for inspiration and education, learning and passing on her observations to her audience. She puts it like this, "Some people take voice lessons to learn how to sing, but I just sat and listened to country records, like George Jones, Dolly Parton and stuff like that. Whatís so familiar to me can be so foreign to other people, and I donít realize that sometimes. But thatís how I learned how to sing.î

Lee Ann's latest, 'There's More Where That Came From' is just what you would expect from an artist with a voice rooted in country tradition. She says, ìYou know, the sad thing is, I always felt like I was born too late. Even when I was younger, I had an old soul. I chose these kinds of songs early on in my career, but if anything, Iím more able to relate to these kind of lyrics more now than before. You canít be married twice, have two kids and go through all Iíve gone through in the last few years without learning a few things, you know? I think I even sound a little wiser sometimes.î

After winning an American Music Award for Favorite New Country Artist, Lee Ann headed into 1998 with nominations in several different categories of the CMA Awards. Lee Ann's latest CD, Some Things I Know, was released at the end of the month of September. It wasn't the typical second album you would expect from a new artist. In fact, it would be an impressive display of talent from an artist of extensive experience. Lee Ann has the skill to sing gospel tunes like 'The Preacher Won't Have To Lie', to upbeat songs like 'I'll Think of a Reason Later'. In other words, her new CD is well worth the investment you'll make with the record store to get it!

A progressive new country vocalist with an eye on her country forebears, MCA Recording artist Lee Ann Womack's sound gives country music listeners a musical taste of what direction country entertainment is moving. Thank God she is one of the artists keeping country on the right track! Growing up in Jacksonville, Texas, Lee Ann had her heart set at an early age for country music stardom. Her father was a part-time disc jockey that let Lee Ann play a part in his radio show's playlist. Even when her senior class took their final trip together, Lee Ann opted to make a trip to Music Row to open her eyes and hopefully build a few bridges toward a successful country music career. Lee Ann attended South Plains Junior College in Levelland, Texas at first upon graduation. There she became a member of the school band 'Country Caravan', which toured much of the Southwest. With her eyes on the future, she next enrolled in the Belmont University Music Business program. This, in turn, led to an internship in the A&R department of MCA Records (another example of education leading to a magnificent opportunity). In 1990, Lee Ann decided to make the move to Nashville full time. She took a little time off for family & kids, and then started doing what most successful artists have done on their road to stardom: singing on demos and doing showcases around Music City. Next thing you know, an employee from Tree Publishing heard Lee Ann at one of her showcases and her for a demo. Before she knew it, she was signed as a writer for Tree Publishing after producer/songwriter Don Cook heard her singing style.

Lee Ann's latest is a treat from start to finish. While cheatin' songs aren't generally thought of as being the domain of female artists, Lee Ann puts the listener right in the mind of a woman looking for something she's not getting at home. 'I May Hate Myself In The Morning' and 'The Last Time' are soul reaching tunes that communicate clear messages to anyone who might be in love, or might be watching love go. 'Stubborn-Psalm 151' you won't find in the Old Testament. But Lee Ann manages to hold the mirror up to the listener with this song, convicting each of us who has let something go because of pride.

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