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 Not many of us can recall having dreams of country stardom at the tender age of 15. But more of country's budding talent is coming from a younger crop of singers that have not only the talent to make it in country, but also the drive to keep their career moving forward. Probably one of the best examples of this is Asylum Records' superstar-in-the-making Lila McCann. With the release of her self-titled CD, she gives notice to country's faithful that they can expect much more from this native of Seattle, Washington. The American Northwest isn't known as a breeding ground for country talent. When you think of Seattle and music, generally you think about groups on the pop side of the radio dial. Lila, however, managed to sprout from this area as a talent that got the notice of Seymour Stein, President of Elektra Entertainment Group and Kyle Lehning, Co-President of Elektra. But Lila, like most starting country artists, got pushed forward in her career by the influence of her father, who had her singing at 4 years old, and her mother who thought her daughter's singing debut was a sign of great things to come for Lila. Clearly, Lila's come a long way since she sang, 'You Are My Sunshine' at the Elks Lodge.

The first display of Lila's magnificent musical talent came in the form of the single 'Down Came A Blackbird'. Listening to the lyrics of this song make you think the singer would be much older than 15. But Lila sings the tunes on her CD well beyond her years. The other tunes on her debut CD show her vast range and ability to go from a rocking tune like 'Blackbird', to a slower heartfelt tune like 'Almost Over You', back to the stone country sound of 'Yippy Ky Yay', which was co-written by pop/country influences Mark Spiro and Andrew Gold.

As her career moves forward, Lila plans on completing her education while also pursuing her country music career. Catch this rising star as she heads for her place in country's landscape of stars.