Welcome to my world!

Can you believe this mess?

 Hi, I'm Little Jon. This is a shot of me just kicking back in my new home. The guy who lives here is pretty cool. However, like most countrified geeks, he is an unintentional slob! That's why he needs me to take care of him. My veterinarian says I'm about 11 months old (I don't know for sure). But one thing I do know is my life didn't start out all that great. In fact, it really stunk! A couple of jerks from out of town (Al Qaida operatives I think) threw me from a moving vehicle in Whites Creek, Tennessee (just outside of Nashville). Obviously the inbred morons that threw me out of their car, though, didn't know they threw me onto the property of the Concrete Cactus Ranch. They also didn't know a group of urban cowboys & cowgirls saw them do it. While a posse was organized to hunt these morons down, a strange yet affable cybernetic cowboy adopted me and helped me get better. If you're wondering why he did this, you probably haven't heard Willie Nelson sing "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys". In the song, Willie tells the listener, "Cowboys love little warm puppies." 'Nuff said! Anyhoo, next thing I know I'm loving life in Music City! Even though I'm 100% pure All-American Mutt, I can retrieve just as well as any of my canine cohorts out here on the ranch. I even hang out with the horses & cows here and don't freak out. But enough about my private life. Let's move on to the fun stuff!

Don't think an education is important? I think learning more is probably about the most fun you can have, next to chewing up one of those nifty zip disks my pet human leaves lying around. In fact, just to show you how impressive education looks after graduation, take a look at my diploma!

It was a rough 2 months of intensive study on my part. But I figured once I got the big guy to do the obedience thing, he'd be more manageable from my perspective. Besides, who doesn't like a friendly dog with his friendly human?

The guy that adopted me absolutely LOVES to go outside. As you probably already guessed, I'm the one going with him most of the time. Every time the sun comes out, we're in the Jeep off to go hike, camp, fish, ride horses or spelunk. We've been to places like:

Fall Creek Falls State Park
This is a really cool hike to do when you just want to walk around and look at other animals & stuff. I enjoy it 'cause it gives me the chance to jump around on rocks!
The Land Between the Lakes
The Tennessee Valley Authority maintains a system of trails that wind through some of the most beautiful park land around. That's me with Lance way off in the distance up there.
Big Southfork National River & Recreation Area
The cool thing about this place is the fact it used to be used for strip mining long ago by the Peabody Coal Company. After using it for mining, Peabody Coal donated the land and its reclamation effort back to the State of Tennessee and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Now it's a haven for hikers, bikers, cowboys/cowgirls, fishermen/women and this guy I hang around with from time to time. Definitely a cool place!
 Long hikes do it to me every time! ZZZZ!!! Remember, There are more pups just like me at the A.S.P.C.A and in the various dog adoption newsgroups on the web. Stop by sometime and get a new friend!
 Beau, my former roomie, has his own webpage!
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 This is the guy who wears me out on the trail.

I don't get what he's smiling about all the time. He's got a website, too. Go there if you want to get closer to nature, or closer to Music City!
I'll be resting here. Take care and come back soon!

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