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In this world, every generation or so society sees a new innovation which promises to change the way people see the world around them (translation-internet). But traditional thinkers are usually slow to adopt the new changes, seeing anything as different as being potentially dangerous. If you remember the song 'Achy Breaky Heart' from Billy Ray Cyrus (and who can't forget it), you remember it had actually been sold to the country listeners by going around the regular country music marketing chain and heading straight to the country dance clubs. In other words, if you have the talent, a good product and the marketing technology, there are ways to get to your target audience effectively. What does this have to do with country and Liz Rogers Wolfram? Good question! Liz is a talented artist from Chicago that makes her home in Pennsylvania. She also has loads of talent. Early in her musical career, she won talent contests and also could be heard on commercials for McDonald's and Sears, among others. This success in the Midwest propelled Liz to move to Orange County, California. It was here she developed quite a following of fans. She also got the chance there to work with veteran musicians like Tim Goodman. With all this success, you might want to also add technology pioneer to her growing entertainment resume' because she is also riding the new wave of technology to get her message out to the world using mp3. MP3 is the streaming technology that provides the listener with almost crystal clear digital reproduction of music from his or her favorite artist right from the internet. Liz's music, found on her website through, shows some fine talent that probably would be waiting for an audience if she had to wait for the traditional entertainment companies to shake out their new budgets. Liz's CD has cuts like 'Ashes Ashes', 'Gee Baby', 'The Only Man Whoever Broke My Heart' and 'Lady Jane' which show the great vocal variety found in her soulful alto interpretation of each song. You can find more of Liz's tour schedule, CD and other information through her website.