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 Michael Martin Murphey is a cowboy with a fantastic musical ability. This man, however, had the strong desire and commitment to be a performer. Usually, if you head in the direction of country music, this means leaving all your worldly possessions behind and going to Nashville. Not so in MMM's case. He first came into the limelight as part of the Austin, Texas music scene in the early 1970s. This native of Dallas, TX wanted to sing the country/western tunes that surrounded him growing up. When MMM was 20, he decided to go all the way West and found himself writing tunes for Screen Gems (Monkees song "What Am I Doing Hanging Around" is an MMM product), as well as studying creative writing at UCLA. While in LA, Michael also formed a group called the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which had the hit single "I Feel Good (I Feel Bad)" in 1967. In 1971, Michael moved back to Austin and once again became a moving force in the alternative music scene there. Several knockout performances later, A&M Records signed MMM to a record deal. The hit tune, "Geronimo's Cadillac' is a product of MMM's time at A&M. In 1974, Michael moved to Colorado, where he signed a deal with Epic Records. During his time in Colorado, he recorded the LP "Blue Sky, Night Thunder". This album generated Michael's signature hit, "Wildfire'. After this time, Michael signed with the Liberty label. While at Liberty, MMM put together 3 mainstream country albums. His first country album, a self-titled product, yielded another signature MMM tune, "What's Forever For?", which crossed over to the pop chart and landed at number 19. After MMM's time at Liberty, he signed with Warner Bros. Records. While at Warner, he expressed an interest in doing Western themed songs. In 1986, MMM organized the first WestFest at Copper Mountain, CO. The success of WestFest led to his recording the excellent Western themed CD "Cowboy Songs". He has since recorded 3 sequels of Western music on his cowboy odyssey. His current release, Cowboy Songs 4, is about to hit the markets this spring. Here's to riding the trail for a more than another few miles as we listen to MMM take us down a trail blazed earlier by Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.
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