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As the rest of the entertainment industry rushes into the future, too much of what was once considered sacred territory in country music has become a part of the mishmash of American pop culture. However, there is a movement keeping true to the musical standards set by the early country pioneers. Two men that are part of this movement are Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry of the country duo Montgomery Gentry. While both have had to take the same difficult road most country groups endure when they decide to embark upon the long hard road to Nashville, Eddie Montgomery did have the advice and encouragement of brother John Michael Montgomery. Both Eddie and Troy, though, come from musical backgrounds that would have propelled them even without the recognition coming from certain famous relatives. This talented pair knew each other long before they made the journey to Music Row in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky. Playing the bars and honky tonks in and around Lexington, Kentucky, Troy and Eddie developed a reputation for having a really fantastic show. Since both Troy and Eddie had tried their hand at working solo, they found the sound they came up with when they combined their skills tended to make more people take notice of what they had to offer musically. The Montgomery Gentry CD 'Tattoos & Scars' is a great example of the musical variety this pair has. Going from straight to the heart tunes like 'If A Broken Heart Could Kill' to the strong minded tune 'Daddy Won't Sell The Farm' makes any country aficionado take notice. Both say they want their music to be seen just as country fans are seeing it today, real and from the heart. With tunes like the ones heard on 'Tattoos & Scars' in the future for Montgomery Gentry, this duo has a lot in store for its fans in the way of hard charging country!