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 At least once a year during the Christmas rush, most musical artists try to come up with a new offering for the fans just so management and the media know they're still in the hunt. As anyone working in front of the camera or on the computer keyboard nowadays can tell you, the American audience is downright cynical when it comes to anything offered up to the fickle deity known as the American musical consumer. But country music talent, as well as country music audiences, are different. The loyalty generated by most country music performers is earned through their honest talent and genuine love of what they do. Reba McEntire's latest CD, 'So Good Together', is a great example of producing outstanding work at a point in her career when some other performers might decide to take it easy. Reba? Take it easy? I doubt you, I or this marvelous communication tool known as the internet will actually live long enough to see her slow down!

Besides 'So Good Together' and Ms. McEntire's new Christmas CD 'Secret of Giving', which was released at the same time as her Thanksgiving CBS TV movie of the same name, she also had the 'task' of singing at the Dallas Cowboys' football game on Thanksgiving. Since both were aired on CBS, it's obvious someone in the CBS promotion area was paying attention. Both performances were fantastic, but what would you expect from a person with this much talent?

With the fantastic musical variety exhibited on 'So Good Together' coming out now, Reba has also taken on the task of winning new converts to the country music community through another tour in Australia. Reba will be on the road 'Down Under' until December 20th. Even though winning fans wasn't her primary concern when she performed for American and NATO troops in Kosovo this year, it did give her a chance to bring a little Oklahoma & Nashville to many of the folks in uniform, as well as show the war torn Balkans a little bit of what the American heart is all about.

Reba looks like she'll be leading the way for country's female contingent in the year ahead. With 2 CDs like 'Secret of giving' and 'So Good Together' climbing the charts already, she couldn't have a better beginning.

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