RiverBluff Clan

Straight from the heart of the Memphis comes the sound of some seriously genuine country funk!

Go ahead and be confused if you've never heard of this band. But chances are the more you listen to their music, the more you'll start to feel like you've heard these guys before. A lot of what gives Fat Chance Music artists RiverBluff Clan their edge is their diverse musical heritage which they draw from every time they go onstage. You can see the RBC on tour right now with Mark Collie. Probably the best chance you'll get to see these Southern wizards of melody is on their appearance on TNN's Prime Time Country, which will also have coincidentally Mark Collie in attendance.

Interested in getting more information about your soon to be favorite new country band? Write:

Lisa Kelly Sneed

339 N. Mendenhall

Memphis, TN 38117


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