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Not much separated Shane McAnally from most other country artists when he first came to town with his dreams in a guitar case. But it didn't take the country music community to find this singer/songwriter brimming with creative talent one of country's promising stars of the future.

If you ask anyone in Nashville about Shane McAnally, the likely thread of complements you will hear is that "the boy can sing," "he's a powerful entertainer," and, from fellow writers, "he knows how to write songs from his heart." While McAnally's heart is in Mineral Wells, Texas, he made his home in Nashville in 1994 to pursue his dreams. With a flexible job, a fire in his heart, and talent flowing from his veins, McAnally set out to make his mark and get his voice heard. Like many aspiring artists who come to Nashville, he headed to the famed Bluebird CafÈ to get his lucky break. Says the grateful McAnally, " The Bluebird CafÈ was the first place I ever played in Nashville. I went there on my first day in Nashville because I heard that was the place to go get performance time. They put my name in a hat, and I was lucky enough to actually get chosen. So, I played there by myself on my first day in Nashville. It helped to show me I had made the right decision."

Soon after, he met with Curb Music Publishing. There, he was provided with the encouragement to work on the craft of songwriting and introduced to Rich Herring, a singer/songwriter who wanted to produce. Herring and McAnally collaborated on the demo of Shane's song, "Just One Touch." It was an unforgettable experience for him. "Rich would put a guitar track down, I sang to it, then he produced around it. When he came to me with the finished song, I could not believe what I heard! It was exactly what I had dreamed of."

Ultimately, a year later, that demo landed Shane a producer, a publishing deal and a recording contract. He began writing with Herring, as well as other songwriters. Shane found that collaborating allowed him to really stretch himself as a songwriter and to hone in on his musical style. "It's an extremely dramatic process," McAnally says of his musical evolution.

Along with Rich Herring, famed producer Brian Ahern (Emmylou Harris, Anne Murray) and Mark Bright are also part of Shane's musical team. "He's a musical genius," says Shane of Ahern. "He's very earthy and raw, just what I wanted. He took the time to say 'What do you want to do?' The sides we cut with Brian and Rich are amazing! It's not because of my vocals or because of the songs. It's because of the combination we all brought to the record."

With his music already hitting the airwaves, this young Texan is poised to step into the country music spotlight. "I just want to do something that no one else has done, but that represents who I am," Shane says. "That's my biggest priority. Yes, I want to be accepted and to be a star. But, ultimately, I want to create something special. I feel I am doing that."

Photos courtesy Curb Records.