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 Typically, when you think of a family act in country music, your thoughts tend to linger around the idea of the of the fabled Carter Family. As American music has evolved and country music in particular, these musical family images have changed. With the success of these families in country today, it would be easy to lump them all into a big musical country crate and call them pretty much the same. Judging from that kind of standard would, however, make you miss one of the most unique musical family acts to hit the country crowd in a long time. SHeDAISY consists of sisters Kristyn, Kelsi and Kassidy Osborn, who have been singing country of one form or another since Kristyn was 12 years old. Hearing an Alabama concert was enough to push Kristyn into buying her first Restless Heart album. This turned out to be enough to send all three headlong into a genuine love of country music, although they did have other musical influences. Finding that love of country prompted this talented trio to start honing their craft at retirement homes and county fairs, a development route not too far from what many other up and coming country acts travel. Regular gigs in and around their native Salt Lake City, Utah gave them the drive and determination to pursue their dream in Music City. But some folks around them didn't offer much encouragement as to their success in Nashville. Other people told them Nashville just wasn't into female groups. What did those people know that SHeDAISY didn't? Absolutely nothing, as it turns out. While working many odd jobs at places like Hickory Hollow Mall in Nashville, SHeDAISY also played and recorded a number of showcases. That part of the struggle to make it paid off with an invitation from Lyric Street Records A&R Director Shelby Kennedy to come to his office and sing their original song 'Little Good-Byes'. Impressed enough to show this talent to the rest of the corporate management staff of Lyric Street, Mr. Kennedy made sure SHeDAISY felt at home at Lyric Street. Other meetings with other labels were cancelled as SHeDAISY decided to call Lyric Street home. SHeDAISY, which means 'my sister' from one of the Native American languages, is taking this sister act to new heights. Their first musical offering, a CD entitled 'The Whole SHeBANG' is a great example of SHeDAISY's musical diversity. Starting off the CD with the sang that landed them their deal at Lyric Street Records, the CD sets a pretty rapid pace that doesn't let up in showing SHeDAISY's talent. If you would like to find out more about becoming a registered fan of SHeDaisy, you can get the whole SHeBANG about them from their fan club at:

P.O. Box 150638
Nashville, TN 37215-0638