You've heard the stories about how most of the new acts coming off of Music Row come from some hard knock roads of experience. Those never ending promotional tours just to get your name out there which culminated in the brief periods of rest while you prepared to hit the road again. Name recognition never was a problem for the Lynns. Peggy and Patsy Lynn have the honor, and what might seem to be the insurmountable task, of being Loretta Lynn's twin daughters. This Warner/Reprise act, though, didn't have the luxury of being signed just for being Loretta's daughters. According to Patsy, "While we were sitting at the table with Doug (Grau, V.P. for A&R for Warner/Reprise) and Lisa (Bradley, A&R representative) talking about the record company, I told them that our aunt was on this label for many years. Doug Grau just kind of looked at us and asked, 'Who's your aunt?' I said 'Crystal Gayle. Loretta is our mother, we're Loretta's twin daughters! You could have knocked him over with a feather! He was like, 'You're Loretta Lynn's daughters?!?!?!?'"

Though this immediate surprise as to their lineage may have been a surprise to some people not in the know right off the bat, what is even more surprising is the success the Lynns have had writing and performing their own material developing a style that is uniquely their own. Though it's much too early to make predictions about the musical legacy they will leave, they should prove to be a musical tradition that will stay close to the country roots they've been nurtured by their entire lives.

Editor's note: Besides, speaking as a twin, who couldn't help but love the music coming out of such like minded hearts?
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