Tim McGraw stands as a person that has it all. It's been a little over ten years since Tim made the move from the comforts fo Monroe, Louisiana to the country rush of Music City. This is not an easy move for anyone interested in making a living as a successful country to make. But with Tim's honor roll performance in high school, it wasn't hard to see him being good at anything he chose to do. College life put him in the middle of Northeast Louisiana University. With the world in front of him, he determined he could serve humanity better if he became a lawyer. After being disappointed with his grades, he decided to make his mark as a sports medicine specialist. Again, he found himself looking for more opportunities where he could better use his talents. While most of us would start going through the university catalog looking for a way to turn basket weaving into a long term vocation, Tim decided he needed to tap into the musical roots he had developed since his early days. In 1989, Tim came to Nashville and paid his dues playing the various music clubs. After giving his soul to the audience through song for a year, he gave his signature to Curb Records in 1991.

Tim's first self titled CD gave country music three good singles: 'Welcome To The Club', 'Memory Lane', and 'Two Stepping Mind'. This was a good beginning for any singer. Some performers, though, just don't like to do anything 'good enough'. It was probably with that idea in mind Tim released the CD 'Not A Moment Too Soon'. The CD turned into a superb example of the talent Tim uses when he sings. The biggest hit from NAMTS was the politically incorrect, wonderfully hard-charging country tune, 'Indian Outlaw'. The follow up tune to this hit was the heart rending ballad, 'Don't Take The Girl'. Tim's third CD, 'All I Want' zoomed to the top of country's charts. He sold over 2,000,000 copies of that CD when it first released. By the way, Tim does like to spread his talent around to make other country artists sound better. A good example is the production work he's done with Jo Dee Messina, another Curb talent that came to Nashville with a dream and a guitar case full of songs. You can probably catch Tim performing somewhere by checking out his website at You might also see him singing with his wife Faith Hill. As for his next 30 years, Tim's probably going to have to make plans to be singing country music for at least that long!

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